GE Healthcare to sign MOU with Yonsei University College of Engineering on AI Research

GE Healthcare to sign MOU with Yonsei University College of Engineering on AI Research

– Research Collaboration including joint-research, exchange of technical information and research personnel as well as shared industrial insights

July 3rd, 2019 – GE Healthcare Korea (President and CEO: Francis Van Parys) today announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Yonsei University College of Engineering (YUCE, Dean: Dae-sik Hong) to strengthen bilateral efforts on research collaboration and technology exchanges for developing medical imaging technology utilizing artificial intelligence (AI).

The MOU aims at commercializing and developing medical imaging technology by leveraging AI. GE Healthcare and YUCE will conduct joint-research, share industrial insights and exchange technical intelligence as well as research personnel.

Since 2017, GE Healthcare has jointly researched to advance MRI scanning with a team led by Professor Dong-hyun Kim of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at YUCE. The bilateral efforts made the result of their joint-research published in ‘Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging,’ a world-renowned academic journal on MRI. GE Healthcare and YUCE will broaden the scope of joint-research on medical imaging technology utilizing AI, upon the signing of the MOU paired with the research achievements.

The Dean of YUCE Dae-sik Hong said, “YUCE has dedicated itself for advancing and discovering the new industry-university research based on strong talent development for leading 4th industrial revolution. I’m sure cooperation with GE Healthcare will serve as an exemplary case for successful industry-university research.”

President and CEO of GE Healthcare Korea Francis Van Parys said, “GE has presented ‘Edison,’ an AI platform designed to accelerate the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and empower providers to deliver faster, more precise care. GE is pleased to be working with a leading research institution at Yonsei University, and we are certain that the MOU will lead to many successful research outcomes in the future.”

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