GE Healthcare Held Training Session for Safe and Proper Practice of Veterinary Anesthesia and Advanced Monitoring Technology

GE Healthcare Held Training Session for Safe and Proper Practice of Veterinary Anesthesia and Advanced Monitoring Technology

– Medical specialist in veterinary anesthesia, Dr. Inhyung Lee at College of Veterinary Medicine, SNU delivered a lecture
– Inviting 50 animal hospital owners to raise awareness on the proper practice of anesthesia machine in the wake of pet ownership amounting 10 million

July 1st, 2019 – GE Healthcare Korea (President and CEO: Francis Van Parys) today announced that, on June 30, it held a training session designed to promote and raise awareness on the proper practice of veterinary anesthesia, inviting over 50 animal hospital owners to Edison Hall at GE Healthcare Korea.

Dr. Inhyung Lee, a professor of anesthesiology at Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of Seoul National University (SNU VMTH) and Dr. Won-kyun Son, MD at SNU VMTH, together held the training session under the topic of “the proper practice of veterinary anesthesia and advanced monitoring technology.” The session provided the lecture by Dr. Lee and Dr. Son as well as an opportunity to practice monitoring device for patients and anesthesia machine.

Following the lecture was a Q&A session and an opportunity for animal hospital owners to obtain hands-on experience utilizing anesthesia machine and monitoring devices on patients, both of which generated positive feedback.

According to the ‘Report on Pet Ownership Statistics and Public Perception’ by Korea Pet Food Association (KPFA), among the total of 19.56 million households in Korea, 5.63 million families—which accounts 28.8%, were found to raise companion animal.

Once perceived as nothing greater than pets, companion animals are now considered as family members. Dramatic increase in pet ownership paired with growing interest in raising companion animals led to heightened public awareness on the animal health especially on anesthesia conducted during surgeries in veterinary hospitals. Poor practice of anesthesia could lead to fatal health problems for animals as with humans, including difficulty in breathing, complications, and even death. Thus, appropriate anesthesia practices are much emphasized.

Dr. Inhyung Lee said, “I am very pleased to deliver a lecture on the safe and accurate practice of anesthesia machine and monitoring methods which lies at the core of animal health in the wake of the pet ownership reaching 10 million.” And, he added, “GE Healthcare together with SNU VMTH, the first veterinary college in Asia to be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Council on Education in April 2019, will work further to improve medical practices at veterinary hospitals in Korea.”

President and CEO of GE Healthcare Korea Francis Van Parys said, “GE Healthcare is a leading provider specializing in medical imaging technologies with more than 100 years of experience in the healthcare industry. GE Healthcare has also developed anesthesia machine for more than a century. He added, “GE Healthcare will dedicate itself to raise awareness on veterinary anesthesia by strengthening the partnership with SNU VMTH while there will be more training sessions in the future.”

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