“GE Healthcare to showcase a full portfolio of future leading products and solutions to support more precise healthcare services of hospitals and clinics with advanced clinical outcome, improved productivity and patient experience at KIMES 2019”

“GE Healthcare to showcase a full portfolio of future leading products and solutions to support more precise healthcare services of hospitals and clinics with advanced clinical outcome, improved productivity and patient experience at KIMES 2019”

“GE Healthcare to showcase a full portfolio of future leading products and solutions to support more precise healthcare services of hospitals and clinics with advanced clinical outcome, improved productivity and patient experience at KIMES 2019”


  • A broad lineup of ultrasound devices to cover extensive clinical areas; automated breast ultrasound, general imaging ultrasound, echocardiography, obstetric/gynecologic ultrasound and portable ultrasound, comprehensive portfolio to show the present and future ultrasonography
  • GE Ultrasound Digital Service Solution technology designed to increase hospital profitability
  • 3D-printed Hip Cup and implants to be on display


March 13, 2019 – GE Healthcare Korea (President and CEO: Francis Van Parys) will present a comprehensive portfolio of its industry-leading ultrasound devices, digital service solutions designed to improve hospital profitability and 3D printing technology well received by orthopedics as a new treatment solution at the 35th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2019) to be held at COEX in Seoul for four days from March 14.

First, ultrasound device technology to be premiered by GE Healthcare at the exhibition include: Invenia ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System), general imaging ultrasound systems LOGIQ E10 and LOGIQ P9, and Venue for emergency ultrasound.

  • Invenia ABUS, the only FDA-approved ultrasound system for dense breast tissue screening when used in addition to mammography, features a concave probe shaped for a woman’s anatomy to increase screen quality and patient comfort, leading to enhanced accuracy and convenience. The automated screening and reduced reading time can contribute to improving workflow processes at hospitals. In recognition of this capability, Invenia ABUS is designated as new medical technology and the same reimbursement as a manually-operated ultrasound system is applied to this new ultrasound system.
  • The LOGIQ™ E10 and the LOGIQ P9 are among the new general imaging LOGIQ Series on display. These used ultrasound devices are widely used for radiology, internal medicine, and musculoskeletal diagnosis. The Logic E10 equipped with a variety of digital technologies and comprehensive diagnosis functions such as advanced algorithm (cSound™ Architecture) features accurate screening and simplification for doctors and patients. It allows for faster image collection and reconstruction to help healthcare professionals perform more accurate imaging. In particular, the LOGIQ P9 provides shear wave elastography for elevated confidence and reliability in diagnosis, allowing for non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis and sclerosis, diagnosis of tumors and management of disease. In addition, LOGIQ Apps available only at the two systems run Remote Clinical Application to allow specialists to operate ultrasonic devices remotely, with Photo Assistant, a function to photograph images to be sent to doctors.
  • Voluson E Series Ultrasonic Device for Obstetrics and Gynecology features the world’s first fetalHQ solution to enable screening for fetal cardiac contraction and SonoCNS developed based on GE’s AI technology Edison to automatically measure the fetal central nervous system and this technology advantage is expected to further strengthen its position as a leader in the premium ultrasonic device market for obstetrics. SlowflowHD debuted at the KIMES 2019 is a Doppler solution with a new algorithm that visualizes micro blood flow spreading from large blood vessels. It is a function that improves the expression power and visibility of blood flow. Especially, it helps to observe fine blood flow such as capillary blood vessels and can be used together with Radiantflow to visualize blood vessels more realistically. Another unique feature of Voluson is the 3D printing file conversion direct from the device, and the process and time required for a 3D printing model output are greatly reduced. The 3D printing can provide clinical services to moms to see the embryo’s growth process in three dimensions and pre-operational clinical guidance and education sources to doctors.
  • The newly launched Vivid E95 and the Vivid T9 for echocardiography are equipped with Cardiac Auto Doppler, Automated Functional Imaging 2.0 and Automated Ejection Fraction 2.0 developed based on AI technology simply the screening process and make it possible to evaluate, record and track the condition of a patient even more quickly. In addition, the Vivid E95 combines CT and echocardiography 3D images, which will help doctors improve the understanding of the cardiac anatomy during cardiac intervention.
  • VENUETM with three Auto tools to measure the heart and lung function in emergency and ICU patients allows for automatic measurement of patient conditions through objective value acquisition and documentation of screening results. The automation function reduces the number of screenings and can be used up to four hours on one charge, therefore doctors can judge patient conditions more quickly regardless of time and space constraints before they become worse. It helps doctors monitor a patient during anesthesia for surgery, as well as an emergency patient hospitalized due to shock or those with impaired cardiopulmonary function due to long-term hospitalization. The VENUETM uses a 19-inch full-touch screen and Clean Mode to minimize the risk of infection in an environment susceptible to infection through blood from patients.
  • Vscan, a portable ultrasound device for point-of-care diagnosis, comes with upgraded technology. ‘Vscan Extend’ features a touchscreen format that supports real-time conversion between black and white anatomical images and color-coded blood flow images, allowing faster diagnosis. With various applications, the system gives examiners elevated confidence with accurate results in different screening settings including healthcare fields and rounds where it is important to objectify the patient’s condition against the clock and to keep the time constraint in the early response. In addition, the images can be stored on the Cloud server for sharing among users to ensure easier access to data from different devices.

GE Healthcare will introduce a variety of trailblazing hospital and clinical medical solutions in addition to ultrasound devices during the exhibition.

  • First, the company’s digital service solutions will contribute to hospital profitability by improving the efficiency of hospital equipment and workflow to allow more patients to be screened. ‘Imaging Insights’ built on GE’s platform, is an integrated system to analyze imaging equipment and maximize their efficiency. It provides a quick overview of the use of various equipment to control hospital workflow and reduce waiting time for patients. DoseWatch, a radiation exposure management solution, is compatible with PACS and EMR systems, and can work with products from other companies. In particular, the solution allows for monitoring of patient exposure under international standards of radiation, and has added a function to measure doses of radiation by body parts, which is a recent achievement from joint research with Duke University. In addition, the 4D Skin Dose Map function helps doctors to optimize the procedure by analyzing the amount of radiation exposed to the patient during the angiography procedure. ‘Tube Watch’ is a prediction system dedicated to X-ray tube of CT (Computerized Tomography) based on Digital Twin technology, preventing the system from being shut down with a preemptive measure using a simulating model before any problem occurs. The AI-based Tube Watch, which analyzes future trends, can predict problems more accurately than existing monitoring-based solutions.
  • GE Additive will introduce a variety of products such as Hip Cup and implants produced by 3D printing technology, which is emerging as a new technology in the fourth industrial revolution. Innovative capabilities of additive manufacturing offer new possibilities in orthopedics. As with 3D technology, it is possible to manufacture an implant considering patients’ convenience and ease of operation, and it has advantages that the function and efficiency of the implant can be improved without additional production steps or costs. Additive manufacturing is a preferred manufacturing method favored in the healthcare industry and it is a new growth industry category that is expected to affect all medical devices by 2027. Both EBM (Electron Beam Melting) and DMLM (Direct Metal Laser Melting) methods are provided to meet customer needs. AP&C is a specialized manufacturer of metal powders in the additive manufacturing sector, providing high quality powders for all additive manufacturing processes. AP&C holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. GE Additive’s customers have produced and implanted over 500,000 medical devices over the past decade, leading to the recognition of their reliability and technology.

Francis Van Parys, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Korea, said, “I feel privileged to be able to showcase our uniquely positioned range of innovative products and solutions during the KIMES 2019, which will help our customers improve clinical outcomes, drive operational efficiency and enhance the patient experience. GE will continue its efforts to provide leading technologies, digital innovation and patient-centric and outcome-based solutions needed for the development of Korea’s healthcare industry and we look forward to the opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals who visit KIMES this week.”


GE Healthcare Ultrasound and other various solutions for hospitals and clinics will be exhibited at Booth C203 in Hall C during the KIMES 2019.


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