GE Healthcare launches MRI contrast agent ‘Clariscan’ in Korea

GE Healthcare launches MRI contrast agent ‘Clariscan’ in Korea

GE Healthcare launches MRI contrast agent ‘Clariscan’ in Korea


  • As a macrocyclic and ionic GBCA, the new MRI contrast agent offers clear visualization of abnormalities in the brain, spine and associated tissues

  • Clariscan introduced based on GE Healthcare’s imaging products and services provided to radiology profession in the world will extend choice of options in MRI contrast media to meet the needs of individual patients.


Seoul, Korea – 23rd July, 2018 – GE Healthcare Korea (CEO Francis Van Parys) today announced the launch of Clariscan™ (gadoteric acid), a new macrocyclic MRI contrast agent, in Korea. Clariscan is a gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) designed to support effective visualization of abnormalities in the brain, spine and associated tissues.

As a macrocyclic and ionic GBCA, Clariscan is known to be a gold-standard detection tool in MR imaging, offering improved contrast between normal and pathological tissue to enable rapid detection of abnormalities.

Clariscan is the latest in a line of products and services, including MRI, X-ray/CT and ultrasound modalities provided by GE Healthcare to the radiology profession for over 30 years and it is available at a range of doses in vials and pre-filled syringes.



While demand for contrast media has significantly increased over the past decade, GE Healthcare invested over USD 65 million in its worldwide supply network between 2013 and 2016 to increase manufacturing capacity for imaging and contrast agent business. GE contrast media products are used in more than 70 million procedures per year, equivalent to injection in two patients per second.

“As the value of sustainable medical services is increasingly prominent along with rapid procedural advancements in MR imaging, there is a growing focus on advancing precision medicine in the healthcare market. We believe Clariscan, manufactured using GE’s proprietary healthcare technology, extends choice for radiology professionals, backed by the well-established quality, reliability and surrounding services GE customers have come to expect,” said Francis Van Parys, chief executive officer of GE Healthcare Korea.

Clariscan will be added to the family of GE contrast media and imaging products alongside its existing linear agent for MRI, Omniscan, which has been used in routine diagnostic practice for over 25 years with over 80 million administrations.




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