GE Healthcare’s 400th cyclotron installed at Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS)

GE Healthcare’s 400th cyclotron installed at Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS)

GE Healthcare’s 400th cyclotron installed at
Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS)


  • GE Healthcare’s field proven technology and experience in cyclotron to support production of radiopharmacy and cancer diagnosis and treatment at KIRAMS

  • GE Healthcare to share its experience and knowhow in cyclotron operation through symposium to mark its 400th cyclotron installation


Seoul, July 16, 2018 – GE Healthcare Korea announced today it has installed its cyclotron with a complete PET radiopharmacy suite at the Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS), making the nuclear medicine institute the world’s 400th cyclotron production facility under the GE brand.

A cyclotron, a type of particle accelerator, accelerates charged particles outwards from the center along a spiral path using a high frequency voltage and a magnetic field. It is used in nuclear physics research and for the production of radio isotopes in imaging and radiation therapy. In Korea, a total of 43 cyclotrons are installed at health centers across the nation.

GE Healthcare’s cyclotron (PETtrace 880) installed at KIRAMS marks the company’s 400th cyclotron rolled out to the world and will be used for cancer diagnosis and treatment at KIRAMS’ convergence research center which is currently under construction. KIRAMS is a pioneer in radiotherapeutic research in Korea and it expects the new cyclotron to contribute to many tangible outcomes in its research and development of radioactive drugs and cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“GE has supported us in building our cyclotron center in an effective and agile manner with its years of proven experience of working in compliance with GMP standards in medically advanced countries including Europe and the US,” said Lim Sang-moo, Head of Nuclear Medicine at KIRAMS. “Looking ahead, GE’s cyclotron and PET radiopharmacy solution will empower us to make radiopharmaceutical products in a consistent and reliable manner, which will enhance our endeavours in cancer diagnosis, treatment and nuclear medical research.”

“GE Healthcare has maintained its global leadership in cyclotron production over the past 50 years, and it has a proven track record of manufacturing and installing cyclotrons around the world,” said Francis Van Parys, President & CEO of GE Healthcare Korea. “We are very excited to mark our 400th cyclotron installation together with KIRAMS, a highly respected and instrumental player in the advancement of nuclear medicine in Korea, and we hope our experience and technical expertise in the field of nuclear medicine will be instrumental to KIRAMS’ manufacturing and supply of radiopharmacy products, cancer diagnosis and treatment.”

Meanwhile, ‘GE Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Module Symposium’ was held at KIRAMS on Thursday to celebrate the institute’s cyclotron introduction. The symposium featured Erik Strömqvist, General Manager of Cyclotrons and TRACERcenter, GE Healthcare, who presented on GE’s cyclotron technology and vision. He was followed by Dr. Lee Kyo-chul at Institute of Radiation Medicine Research Center, KIRAMS, who shared the institute’s experience in cyclotron and radiochemistry modules.


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